Gardening tips, February

Spring is just around the corner and there are plenty of things you can be doing in the garden in readiness:

  • A chitted seed potatoChit seed potatoes ready for planting (allow them to start sprouting shoots to give them a head start when planted)
  • Prepare vegetable seed beds by digging over and raking to create a fine tilth. It’s now time to start sowing vegetable seeds. At this time of year they need protection; sow them in a greenhouse, a polytunnel, or under cloches
  • Put netting over fruit and vegetable crops to protect them from birds
  • Prune winter-flowering shrubs that have finished flowering
  • pampas grassCut back ornamental deciduous grasses such as pampas grasses and stipa
  • Lift and divide snowdrops and replant the divided bulbs
  • Prune wisteria
  • Cut or prune hardy evergreen hedges and renovate overgrown deciduous hedges. Before starting work, make sure there are no nesting birds in the hedge
  • Prune conservatory climbers
  • Prune free-standing fruit trees and bushes; apples, pears
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